Optimizing Production and Inventory
Production Planning

For years, companies have been wrestling with how to reconcile the need to provide exceptional customer service with the desire to manufacture efficiently. Distribution wants to ensure that all demands are filled and safety stocks are maintained. Production would like longer production runs with fewer changeovers. When manufacturing is inflexible and disconnected from customer service, the result is painful: the double whammy of both excess inventories and stockouts.

The standard approaches of Master Production Scheduling and Detailed Scheduling are not designed to properly rationalize the trade-offs between production and customer service. Planscape Production Planner (P3) takes production planning for flow process manufacturers to a new level. With a powerful optimization solver and patented 3D graphics, P3 effectively re-invents the production planning process, creating better production plans and providing users with a superior way to understand, evaluate, and modify them.

P3 has been refined and improved through more than fifteen years of successful implementation in food, beverage, CPG, and other flow process manufacturing, with feedback from planning experts and customers among many of the world’s top manufacturers.